MeMen Stamina Drink

To Regain Your ‘Manliness’ & Provides Extra Strength


Promotes Detoxification & Lose Weight Effectively


Enhances Immunity & Inhibits Fat Accumulation

MeMen x Cacao Powder

Uphold Man’s Libido Power

MeFeminine Collagen Drink

Enhances Beauty with True Nature

What Our customers say

I'm feeling getting better and better after drinking MeFeminine. I can feel that it helps to restore my collagen, and my skin is getting fairer. Plus, i'm getting less pain during menstrual period.

Mrs. Lim Yuk Fong

I easily get fatigue same as all older people. But once after having MeMen, i can start to feel the changes. I feel like more body is gaining more stamina and helps to boost up my physical strength.

Mr. Wong Kum Choy

It helps me to lose weight and eliminates the toxin out of my body. What i like the most is the combination of ingredients sucha as orange, oat and wheatgrass.

Ms. Sally Cheah

Pure-S helps my body to inhibit fat accumulation and effectively lose weight.

Mrs. Wong Mei Ling

MeMen is kinda pricey for me hence i decided to try out the MeMen X Cacao powder form. Surprisingly, i like how it works to my body, gaining more libido.

Mr.Damond Ng
(MeMen X Cacao Powder)

It contains Kacip Fatimah, I'm not specificly sure whether it really helps me to slow down the menopausal syndrome. But i do feel like my skin and overall metabolic health getting improved.

Mrs. Chong Mei Eng