MeMEN Stamina Drink (10btl) for one month
5 7 月, 2017
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MeFEMININE Kacip Fatimah + Collagen

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Does it feel like you are getting out of shape?

Does your skin start to become loose and wrinkly?

And as if that wasn’t enough, you are also having trouble sleeping and suffer from hot flashes?

The accumulating health effects of aging can be overwhelming and take a toll on the self-esteem of middle aged women.

Formulated to restore the hormone balance and provide the body with the most potent collagen available, the MeFeminine Firming Collagen Drink helps you tackle all of these problems at once.

After extensive research, we selected and combined the most powerful anti-aging and femininity boosting ingredients nature has to offer in a convenient all-in-one drink.

MeFeminine Collagen – Glowing skin, firmer breasts, a more toned body and reduced menstrual and menopausal symptoms will make you look and feel younger, healthier and more feminine.






MeFeminine 美肌胶原蛋白饮料专为调节女性荷尔蒙,补充胶原蛋白而研制,帮助女性一次性解决所有这些健康问题。


MeFeminine 美肌胶原蛋白饮料带给您的是更容光焕发的皮肤、更丰满结实的乳房、更婀娜多姿的身材,摆脱经痛和更年期症状,让您更年轻、更健康、更有女人味。



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Why MeFeminine Collagen Drink?
为什么选择MeFeminine 美肌胶原蛋白饮料?

MeFeminine Collagen Drink made from concentrated natural plant extracts provides a convenient all-in-one solution for all the common problems faced by women. After extensive research, we selected the most powerful ingredients nature has to offer to enhance femininity, tone the body, balance hormones, reverse aging and reduce menopausal symptoms. The incredible anti-aging and firming effects of the most efficient and powerful collagen available will make you look and feel younger.

MeFeminine 卡琪花蒂玛美肌胶原蛋白饮料含有多种天然植物精华,能帮助解决各种常见女性问题。一瓶带给您多种功效,而且方便饮用。在经过大量的研究后,我们筛选了几种功效最强的原材料,这些成分萃取自大自然精华,可以帮助提升女性魅力、紧致身材、调衡荷尔蒙、抵抗衰老以及减少更年期症状。本产品中所含有的胶原蛋白能有效地抗老化和紧实皮肤,长期服用可以让您重获年轻容貌,尽展青春活力。


評價 (6)

MeFEMININE Kacip Fatimah + Collagen 共有 6 則評價

  1. Eliza

    For me it was worth it. I feel more sexy and younger.

  2. Sabrina

    I can really see the positive changes in my body. A good choice!

  3. Mafira Wiyajanto

    It was very good investment. MeFeminine really increased my confidence and quality of life. Priceless

  4. Mafira Wiyajanto

    Wow! It really works. My skin is more firm and I even slim down a bit.

  5. Nur Ayu

    I can’t believe it, but my breasts really become firmer again after I started using it. This is amazing.

  6. Rachel

    After i consumed MeFeminine, i found that i will feel pain anymore during my period, this result is really obvious .