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How To Become More Manly

Many men aspire to be manly, but only few achieve it.

Being manly is hard, and it should be! That’s what makes it so impressive and attractive.

Manliness is not something you are born with, it is something you have to earn and work for. Physical and mental strength, confidence, bravery, sexual energy and reliability are just few of the many traits associated with manliness. Becoming more manly is a demanding and continuously ongoing lifetime challenge, but that shouldn’t be a problem. Real men like challenges!

First and foremost, you simply have to man up and get out of your comfort zone.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable!

People can only grow when they are physically or mentally uncomfortable. Growth has to become a necessity. An easy and comfortable life makes us weak and soft. A man needs challenges and obstacles that he has to overcome in order to improve. Don’t go easy on yourself and start intentionally getting yourself into uncomfortable situations. Face your fears, stop avoiding conflicts, embrace challenges and start perceiving problems and difficulties as opportunities to grow. A real man has to be tough.

Challenge yourself and enjoy competition!

Never shy away from challenges and competition. Instead of accepting or avoiding problems you regularly face, start seeing them as a challenge. Simple things like going to bed earlier, getting more things done within a day or overcoming laziness are every-day challenges that should motivate you to overcome them. Competing with others shouldn’t scare you, it should excite you. A real man is not scared of losing or making mistakes. Only by testing our limits and making mistakes we can learn and grow.

Be independent and stop relying on others!

A real man knows what he wants and is ready to do what needs to be done. Know what you are doing and why you are doing it. Don’t rely too much on others when making plans. You should develop the desire to do things on your own without asking for help. Start doing the little things. Fix broken things in your home, make your own meals and get things done instead of waiting for others to assist you.

Be strong and energetic!

Physical strength, energy and sexual performance are also essential parts of being manly. Proper nutrition and exercise are crucial. Depending on someone’s age, health and genes this can be more or less difficult. In any case it is important to provide our bodies with the stimulation and nutrients it needs to stay at its physical peak. Hormones like testosterone also play an important role when it comes to masculinity and sexual performance. Natural testosterone boosters can help increasing masculinity, libido and sexual stamina quickly, but having the right attitude is paramount.