MeMEN Saved My Marriage

After 8 years of happy marriage I suddenly found myself in a crisis that would almost have caused my wife to leave me. It all started when I failed to achieve an erection during sxx. I felt so embarrassed and helpless that I became traumatized by the incident which caused me to develop performance anxiety. The fear of failing to achieve an erection again put so much pressure on me that I felt more nervous than aroused during sxx. It even got to the point where I started avoiding sxx and making up excuses.

My wife was deeply unsatisfied and even started treating me differently. My poor sxxual performance made me so insecure that I started suspecting my wife to cheat on me to satisfy her desires. I felt useless and suffered from a significant drop in confidence and self-esteem which negatively affected every aspect of my life. The lack of intimacy and my insecurity tore our relationship apart and almost ended in a divorce. Luckily I decided to try out the MeMEN Stamina Drink in a desperate attempt to maintain proper prostate health and sxx performance.

I didn’t have high hopes, but the results exceeded my expectations by far. MeMEN didn’t just help me get rid of my paralyzing stress and performance anxiety, but also improved my stamina and energy so much that my performance even started to exceeded what I was used to from earlier years. I had stronger sxxual arousal than ever before and was able to last so much longer. I finally regained my confidence and desire for sxx. Fixing my sxx life made everything else fall into place again. I am definitely going to keep using it.

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