Keep Your Skin Young & Firm With These Simple Tips

The way you treat your skin in your 20s will have a huge impact on how it will age and look in your 30s and 40s. As we age, our collagen production slows down resulting in slower skin regeneration and damage. Replenishing our collagen resources with preferably natural supplements can reduce a lot of the damage caused by aging, but taking care of our skin properly can prevent many problems from developing in the first place.

Keeping our skin young and firm is mostly about preventing damage and avoiding mistakes. The earlier you start making an effort to prevent skin damage, the more you can achieve.

Always wash your face before going to bed

Laziness or coming home late are no excuses. Not washing your face before going to bed will let harmful bacteria accumulate on your skin and cause breakouts and infections resulting in scars and uneven skin. Never sleep without cleaning off your make up first.

Avoid using too much make up

Excessive make up will clog our pores and causes breakouts and oily skin. When it comes to make up, less is always more. The more make up you wear, the worse your skin will become resulting in a need for even more make up. That’s a downward spiral you wouldn’t want to find yourself in. Never wear make up when its not necessary. Especially in the gym or while exercising wearing make up can cause a lot of damage to your skin.

Drink enough water

Not drinking enough water is very harmful for your whole body, but the importance of staying hydrated for the skin is often overlooked. Dehydration will cause dry flacky patches on your skin and lets toxins build up in the body that have negative effects on skin health. In order to make sure that your skin stays properly hydrated, make sure that you drink enough water and regularly use moisturizing mist.

Get enough sleep

The skin repairs itself whil we are sleeping. Not getting enough sleep will therefore make your skin age faster. It also causes dark circles and a dull complexion. If you frequently sleep less than 8 hours in your 20s, you will regret it in your 30s and 40s because your skin will look much older than it should.

Avoid too much sunlight

Sunrays break down collagen and elastine causing fine lines and wrinkles. Too much sun exposure can also lead to brown spots that will be visible later on in your life. It is very important to use proper sun protection to prevent photoaging.

Start using anti-aging products early

Don’t think that just because you are young you don’t need to use anti-aging products to protect your skin from the effects of aging. The earlier you start using them, the more effective they are going to be. Prevention is always better than treatment. If you use the proper anti-aging products like natural collagen drinks at a young age, your skin will stay young and firm for much longer later on.




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