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MeMEN 拯救了我的婚姻

经过8年的幸福婚姻,我突然发现自己陷入了一场危机,几乎会让我的妻子离开我。这一切都始于我在Sxx期间未能勃起。我感到非常尴尬和无助,以至于我因这件事而受到创伤,这使我产生了表现焦虑。对再次勃起 失败的恐惧给我带来了如此大的压力,以至于我在床上运动期间感到比被唤醒更紧张。它甚至到了我开始避免床上运动和编造借口的地步。 我的妻子非常不满意,甚至开始区别对待我。我糟糕的性爱表现让我很没有安全感,以至于我开始怀疑我的妻子为了满足她的欲望而欺骗我。我感到自己毫无用处,并遭受了信心和自尊的显着下降,这对我生活的方 方面面产生了负面影响。缺乏亲密感和我的不安全感撕裂了我们的关系,几乎以离婚告终。幸运的是,我决定尝试使用 MeMEN Stamina Drink 不顾一切地尝试保持适当的前列腺健康和 sxx 性能。 我没有抱太大希望,但结果远远超出了我的预期。 MeMEN不仅帮助我摆脱了瘫痪的压力和表现焦虑,而且还极大地提高了我的体力和精力,我的表现甚至开始超过我早年的习惯。我有比以往任何时候都更强烈的性唤起, 并且能够持续更长时间。我终于恢复了对性的信心和渴望。修复我的行生活让其他一切都恢复原状。我肯定会继续使用它。 您可以通过我们的授权经销商 iBeliBeli 以每盒 RM388 的价格订购 Memen Stamina Drink。

MeMEN Saved My Marriage

After 8 years of happy marriage I suddenly found myself in a crisis that would almost have caused my wife to leave me. It all started when I failed to achieve an erection during sxx. I felt so embarrassed and helpless that I became traumatized by the incident which caused me to develop performance anxiety. […]

Insecure About Your Performance In Bed? So Was I

On the outside we all like to act tough and confident, but especially when it comes to sex every man has a strong fear of failure. Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction can happen to anyone and have the potential to ruin your sex life and confidence. Ejaculating before your partner has reached her orgasm or […]

How To Build Muscle Faster

Be it to attract women, impress peers, become stronger or just feel confident, many men want to build bigger muscles. Nowadays people expect fast results and wwant to see changes quickly, but in contrary to what many advertisements promise, there are no shortcuts to building muscle mass. It is, however, possible to speed up the […]

How To Become More Manly

Many men aspire to be manly, but only few achieve it. Being manly is hard, and it should be! That’s what makes it so impressive and attractive. Manliness is not something you are born with, it is something you have to earn and work for. Physical and mental strength, confidence, bravery, sexual energy and reliability […]

The Truth About Testosterone Decrease

Testosterone is the most important hormone when it comes to sex drive, sperm production, muscle growth and energy. The testosterone level has a significant impact on a man’s masculinity and behavior. As men age, their testosterone levels slowly decrease causing a lot of unwanted side effects.  Especially the sexual function of men suffers from low testosterone […]